VW Navarra will meet with the committee to address the plant’s industrial plan

Volkswagen Navarra has informed the committee that it will hold the requested meeting to address the factory’s industrial plan, which is of great concern to the social representation. This is how it has responded to the request made by UGT, CCOO, ELA, LAB, CGT and CCP last week.

However, the company has not set any date for the moment. The president of VW Navarra, Michael Hobuschofficially begins its new stage next Thursday, September 1, and the social part considers that until it is incorporated, said appointment should not take place.

The management has made this anouncement during the meeting held this Monday morning to finalize the final work schedule for October and the provisional schedule for November, subject to change due to the uncertainty of the shortage of parts.

both months left defined as already reflected in the general agreement, with October 12 and November 1 as holidays, pending the evolution of the delivery of material each week.

Concern: more closing days?

union sources They have shown their concern about the lack of parts, which could cause more closing days in the coming weeks.

The factory of Opel in Figueruelas (Zaragoza) has announced this Monday that it will have to temporarily suspend production on its two lines between this Tuesday from the night shift and until Saturday morning due to the lack of semiconductors.

VW Navarra already confirmed last week that due to these problems it will not be able to work this friday september 2, which will be counted as an ERTE day. On this occasion, they justified the measure by the absence of the steering column, the automatic gearbox and the IMB.

Program update pending

During this year, the Landaben factory has had to stop manufacturing nine days for lack of parts, according to union sources. Three of those days -including September 2nd- have been covered with the Record of employment regulation of temporary suspension of contracts (ERTE), these sources have recalled.

This situation has led the Navarra plant to have to update the program for 2022, information that will be able to offer in the coming weeks. The social part anticipates that it will be carried out downwards, since it will be impossible to recover the total production lost due to the absence of chips, due to the difficulty of fitting those days into the work calendar that remains of the year.

As good news, VW Navarra has stressed this Monday morning to the committee that vehicle orders remainan indicator that means that the supply difficulty has not affected demand for now.


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