Warfarin sodium: uses and side effects

There are millions of people around the world who have risk of blood clots, which can be fatal if they reach some organs such as the lungs. Furthermore, sometimes even require the amputation of fingers or limbs.

The warfarin It’s one of the medicines that are used to preventand it is one of the most used due to the ease with which it is administered, since you only have to take one tabletwhich gets “dilute” the blood.

Of course, by making the blood much more fluid there is side effects that are frequent and that you have to know.

The main side effect is bleeding

We have to take into account that when we take warfarin our blood is more liquid than normalso the chance of haemorrhaging or excessive bleeding increases.

Thus, are not rare nosebleeds, that they can become intense, and also that if we cut our hand, it bleeds a lot and takes longer than normal to clot.

Women may notice that the menstrual bleeding is abundant and more intense than usualsomething that falls within the usual with this medication, although it should be discussed with the doctor.

Cases have also been reported of people who, when brushing, observe how bleeding gumsand others notice that large bruises appear when they take small bumps.

Bleeding is more frequent in the first three months

Not everyone who takes warfarin experiences these problems, but if it is our case we must know that the risk of bleeding is greater in the first three months of treatmentgoing down after.

It seems that genetics has a lot to do with thisso that if we are in the group that tolerates it poorly and have noticed these unwanted effects, it is best to consult a doctor, who will adjust the dose in order to prevent us from bleeding, something that can be normal to a certain extent but nobody likes it.


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