Watch this Corvette become the world’s fastest quarter-miler

Late Model Racecraft is a workshop specialized in customizing the Chevrolet Corvettebut this time they have reached a new level: they have created fastest in the world to run a quarter mile. This has been demonstrated by Steven Fereday, the owner of the company, after achieving a mark of 8.835 seconds.

Up to 257.8 km / h has reached in that short time this North American sports car, which has numerous modifications behind it. In essence, it is a Chevrolet Corvette of the year 2020 that Fereday uses on a daily basis, but hides a whopping 1,500 hp under the hood. Why? Because he really is a test mule.


LMR Sets C8 Corvette WORLD RECORD!

Although this is a sports car that is being driven regularly, the truth is that we are talking about a unit in which Late Model Racecraft is checking the performance of his mod kit for the C8 generation of this Chevy. Until now, they have already created similar packages in older versions and the idea is to continue with the current one.

Even so, achieving a good result is not easy. In this case, under the hood there is now a V8 LT2 twin-turbo engine. In addition, a multitude of changes have been made to the control unit to find the appropriate configuration, although the system did not initially allow modifications.

On the other hand, the Late Model Racecraft Corvette It has also seen its dual-clutch transmission retouched, whose operation was one of the biggest limitations. Still, 38 clutch revisions later, the wish was achieved: a supercar with outsized power that can also be used on a daily basis.

The second has already been verified by steven fereday, but it was necessary to see how far the performance of the car could go. For this reason, its creators took it to a drag strip, where -with suitable rear tires- it covered the quarter mile in less than 9 seconds. Thus, a world record has just been signed.

Late Model Racecraft (YouTube)

Specifically, the brand has been 8,835 seconds, which exceeds the previous one of 8.973 seconds. Thus, that is the best time that a Chevrolet Corvette C8 in running the quarter mile to date. For this reason, his owner claims to be proud, since he has mentioned that this is the most complicated project they have worked on so far.

Of course, now a new phase will have to start: the sale of the kit. Once proven, Late Model Racecraft will start selling these Corvette mod packages and they will do so with several power options to choose from. will be offered from versions of 700 hp to 1,500 hp. And you, which one do you want?

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