“What a way to make a fool of yourself!”

Since Miquel Valls has entered live in it’s already noon This Wednesday, he announced what seemed to be a real bomb: Shakira would sit on the set of Fresh and, therefore, he would offer his version about the separation of Gerard Piqué.

Social networks have begun to burn, doubting that the singer really went to the morning of Telecinco. And, finally, the tweeters have harshly charged against the program: “I find it sad that it’s already noon East fooling people like everything is fooling them to capture an audience“.

And so it has been. When starting the Fresh and, after having repeated throughout the broadcast that the Colombian would be on the set, in reality it has been Mary Verdoypresenter of the pink section of the program, who has been transformed into Shakira and has even imitated the singer.

In this way, the format of Unicorn Content has taken advantage of the fact that the journalist knows how to imitate the voice of the singer and her similar physique. In fact, she herself said that she was called Shakira in her homeland. But this has not sat well with the audience, who have unloaded their hatred for the deception on social networks: “what a way to make a fool of yourself with the Shakira thing!”

Other users have decided encourage the singer to file legal measures against the Mediaset program for having used it to keep the audience glued to the television.


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