What does the intro of House of The Dragon hide?

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The second episode of The House of the Dragon has finally presented expected intro of the series, after a first chapter that was orphaned in this sense due to a decision of its creators. The opening sequence, very faithful to the spirit of the already legendary ‘opening’ of Game of Thrones, walk the family tree of the Targaryen familyprotagonist of fiction, who is marked by fire and, above all, by blood.

With the difficult task of live up to the iconic Game of Thrones introthat of The House of the Dragon tries to imitate its epic coming to use his same score and 3D animation style. In her, a river of blood runs through the streets of a city of stone, activating different gears in its path who wear badges and make the bloody torrent go in one direction or another… depending on how said gear turns.

But just as the intro of Game of Thrones was of vital importance in each chapter, as it informed viewers not only of the various locations in Westeros the episode would take them to, but also who ruled each enclave, The House of the Dragon it has a much more symbolic function and it seems that it will remain quite static throughout the season… or at least until some new great death comes in the Targaryen clan.


The aforementioned city of stone through which the river of blood runs is the Ancient Valyria, original home of the Targaryens before they came to Westeros fleeing from the Curse. By the time of the House of the Dragon, Valyria has long since been destroyed, and, in fact, as it showed its first episode, King Viserys has a model of it in his chambers, which symbolizes that its legacy and old splendor still weighs heavily on the memory of the Targaryens.

After, fulfilling its function of family treeeach one of the gears that appear in the intro wears a crown or some other symbol that relates him to a Targaryen specific. The first of the gears symbolizes the fate of Old Valyria presenting the image of some dragons that, after being filled with blood, expose the crown of King Aegon I ‘the Conqueror’who started a dynasty that would reign for almost three centuries in the Seven Kingdoms.

As Mashable points out, some symbols are easier to crack than others. For example, you can easily identify the last gear corresponding to Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), as it contains the same interlocking necklace design as his uncle Daemon (Matt Smith) gave him away in the first episode. Others, on the other hand, are more difficult to appreciate, since the river of blood rushes over them.

However, user @conquerorscrown has collected all of them in a Twitter thread, showing the names of all the members of the Targaryen family referred to in the intro of The House of the Dragon.

Focusing on the members of the house of the dragon from the central line of succession to the Iron Thronesome of the figures reviewed are queens Visenya and Rhaenys, sisters and at the same time wives of Aegon I ‘the Conqueror’; his son, the King Aenys I; either King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne Targaryenboth descended from Aenys I and from whose gears nine trails of blood are releasedwhich symbolize their children.

Others represent the Prince Baelon Targaryen and Princess Alyssa Targaryen, children of Jaehaerys and Alysanne; or to Prince Daemon and his brother King Viserys I Targaryen, who occupies the Iron Throne in The House of the Dragon and whose river of blood forebodingly divides in two, as well as his wife Aemma Arryn, whose insignia was already awash in blood Before the river came announcing his death.

And the blood is a essential element for the Targaryensto the point that its motto (and the title of the novel on which The House of the Dragon is based) is ‘fire and blood’. The family has always been obsessed with keeping his bloodline as pure as possible, reason why his lineage, in addition to his blonde hair, his dragons and his blue eyes, It is characterized by promoting inbreeding and incest.

In the intro of The House of the Dragonwhat’s more, blood serves to remember who is alive and who is dead. If one of the insignias is covered in blood, it means that the Targaryen it represents no longer exists, and that is why Rhaenyra’s, for example, dodges the crimson torrent… at least for now.

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