What is metatarsalgia, the chronic disease suffered by Letizia?

The Queen Letizia He is about to turn 50. On September 15 he celebrates his birthday and although during his day to day he is in the news for many reasons, especially for his official outings scheduled in the official agenda of the Royal House, now he is in the news for a health problem that he suffers. We are used to seeing Letizia defending herself perfectly with high heels. However, the excessive use of this shoe has caused a problem: metatarsalgia.

The Queen suffers from a disease called metatarsalgia


And we are used to seeing them with high heels, but this summer they have chosen to make their comebacks with flat shoes. This is due to the disease he suffers from. But what is metatarsalgia about? It is a disease that causes a lot of pain in the feet. According to ‘El País Semanal’, the Queen “abhors” heels and has this problem due to the excessive use of high heels.

This disease has made Letizia feel disgusted when she has to wear heels. Still, she wears them because many of her looks force her to.. Of course, it should be noted that this summer he has chosen to wear flat shoes on most occasions. Everyone knows that she is passionate about wedge espadrilles, a shoe that despite giving Letizia height, is also more comfortable than a high-heeled shoe.

She’s been wearing flat shoes all summer to minimize pain

queen letizia
Robert Smith.

Metatarsalgia is a condition that causes pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot, in the metatarsal. You can suffer from this health problem due to external causes, such as the excessive use of high-heeled shoes, as happens to Letizia, or by practicing some activities continuously. However, there are other causes such as a foot deformity. This problem could cause the person to limp, since walking causes unbearable pain. It seems that Letizia does not have a very advanced disease and that she can still stand wearing high-heeled shoes.

The symptoms caused by this disease are not only pain in the area of ​​the sole of the foot. In some cases, malformations can appear. The fact that you feel pain when you put your foot down means that you don’t support your foot well. This causes calluses to appear right in the area where the problem is: in the metatarsal. There is no doubt that the problem can be aggravated by the use of footwear. Letizia has this problem, but it is clear that the continued use of high heels does not help her.

Lifestyle is important and metatarsalgia pain can be relieved by resting, applying ice to the affected area, taking pain medication, wearing proper footwear (something Letizia has begun to do by wearing flat shoes), or using pads to reduce pain.

What day is Letizia’s birthday?

Letizia turns 50 on September 15.

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