What options are there to intervene in the energy market?

Cut ties with russian energy It is Europe’s goal. For this reason, at Antena 3 Noticias we have analyzed the options that exist to intervene in the market. There are two, we explain them below.

Two options to intervene in the market

The first option would entail doing something very similar to the Iberian exception which is currently in force in Spain and Portugal. That is, to limit the price of gas, which would prevent the price of electricity from continuing to rise.

On the other hand, the measure would be fully decouple the price of gas and electricity, so that each one is regulated independently. This system, according to experts, would be much more complex.

electricity price

The price average of the light for regulated rate customers, linked to the wholesale market, it rose 8.51% this Tuesday compared to Monday to 459.4 euros per megawatt hour. Thus, a new historical maximum has been registered since the Iberian exception came into force. The price of electricity registered this Monday 423 euros/MWh, at the same time as that of gas, which also rose to 297 euros/MWh.

In case of not having the Iberian exception, the price of electricity in Spain it would be an average of around 521.3 euros/MWh, around 61.9 euros/MWh more than with the compensation for clients of the regulated tariff. These will pay 11.87% less on average.

According to the Government, the Iberian exception has meant since it came into force savings of 1,383 million euros for consumers in their first two months. This is a saving of 22 million euros per day.

Those listed above are the two options that could be implemented to intervene in the marketbut the reality is that decoupling the price of gas and energy is more complex than the other.

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