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What’s the origin of home cats?

What’s the origin of home cats?

Individuals do not know the place home cats come from. Researchers additionally argue about the place and when cats had been domesticated. A few of them additionally say that felines have domesticated themselves. Check out the completely different theories about them.

The primary home cats

About 40 centuries in the past, it was believed that the Egyptians had domesticated cats. This perception is geographically legitimate as a result of based mostly on DNA proof; as we speak’s home cats have the identical ancestry as that of African wild cats. In 2004, nevertheless, when a 9 thousand 5 hundred yr previous Neolithic tomb in Cyprus was excavated, the stays of a cat alongside a human trace that folks cared for cats even earlier than 4000 years in the past.

However, some research present that the domestication of cats may have began 12,000 years in the past in the course of the increase of the agricultural business within the Fertile Crescent (fertile land within the form of a crescent surrounding Egypt and Syria) of Center East.

It’s believed that extra agriculture brings extra vermin which brings extra cats. It is a wise principle contemplating the truth that even as we speak’s feral cats proceed to congregate to dwell in food-rich locations, whether or not it is a restaurant with plentiful leftovers or diners. a farm the place they may hunt vermin.

It’s believed that the Greeks and Phoenicians introduced home cats to Europe round 3000 years in the past. The Romans held cats in excessive regard when it got here to pest management, so the Roman legions took them with them every time they traveled to Gaul (trendy France) in addition to Britain.

Cats had been dropped at Britain

When the Romans left Britain round 1600 years in the past, most of their cats remained there. Round 1000 years in the past, when the Vikings invaded Britain, they took quite a lot of home cats left behind by the Romans once they returned to Norway.


One thing unlucky occurred to cats round 700 years in the past in Britain. Throughout this Center Ages, phrase unfold that cats had been out of the blue suspected of being concerned in witchcraft. Because of this a cat bloodbath happened in Europe and tons of of hundreds of cats had been slaughtered. Most individuals have speculated that this culling of cats led to the rise within the rat inhabitants in Europe, which in flip triggered the rise within the unfold of the bubonic plague from 1346 to 1353.

Cats had been launched to the New World

Within the sixteenth century, cats not solely regained their reputation, but additionally took one other leap ahead. Throughout the seventeenth and 18th centuries, new world explorers and merchants left Britain and Spain to introduce home cats to america.

The current cat

The cats have turn into very fashionable and at current there are round 8.5 million pet cats within the UK. They’re thought of the most well-liked pet on the earth.

Many households have one canine, however many cat homeowners present their love by having a number of cat households. Presently, there are over 100 breeds of home cats, and other people proceed to develop new breeds.

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