WhatsApp group administrators will have more power

WhatsApp is going to tighten the control it gives administrators over group conversations.

As in private chats, “Delete for everyone” will be available to administrators of WhatsApp groups

As it has been known, analyzing the beta version of the next update of its Android application, the administrators of the groups will have absolute control over them, which includes the power to remove content for all members of it, so that no one can see it.

It is a function that appears in beta of WhatsApp for Android and that undeniably reinforces the power of group administrators. For years and gradually in WhatsApp has been giving more and more powers to group administratorsas a formula to improve the user experience, especially in large and/or highly active groups.

When this new option is active next to each message will appear (and only for administrators) the option “Delete for all”similar to the one that already works within private chats.

Apparently the development of this function would already be so advanced that some users can check its operation in the beta that they have installed and even in some stable and definitive versions of the application, so the administrators of interested groups can check if they already have it. available.

This is not the only novelty that would be present in the next update of the WhatsApp application. An addition that would come is the possibility of check status updates within the chat list. On the other hand, the possibility of deactivating the display of chat states from the state tab itself is also incorporated. This way they will no longer appear in the chat list.

These are functions that currently appear in the aforementioned beta of WhatsApp for Android and that will presumably be present when the final version of the app arrives.

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