When does the navel come out in pregnancy and why does it happen?

  • During pregnancy it will be normal for big changes to occur in our body

  • One of them will be visible in the navel, which can change its size and appearance

  • At Divinity we tell you when the navel usually comes out and why this happens

During the pregnancythe woman’s body undergoes an infinity of changes. One of the things that will catch our attention the most will be the evolution of the gut, which will grow as the months go by. That is why, in addition to the gutit will also change the appearance of the belly buttonan essential part of it.

If we take a look at all the navels in the world, we realize that there are some that are more bulgingothers more exited and others flattened. The truth is that, during pregnancy, everyone has the same function; marks the point where the fetus joins the umbilical cord. Through this, the little one will be supplied with nutrients, blood and oxygen. That is to say, everything that it will need to develop inside the uterus.

Why does the navel change during pregnancy?

During pregnancy it will be normal for the navel to change

The navel will change because the enlargement of the uterus will put pressure inside the body. That is why the navel will change its appearance. Therefore, we will be able to observe a flattening of the navel, a bulge or the appearance of a dark or black line. if it were a button

When will you return to your site

The linea alba will be called ‘linea alba’ and will appear on the hormonal changes and it will disappear as the months of pregnancy go by. But, when will the navel return to its place?

Yes, it is true that it may take a while to return to your site.

Yes, it is true that it may take a while to return to your

The truth is that it is not something that should worry women, because each body is different and the navel will return to its place sooner or later. Yes, it is true that in the gut the tissues will be more flaccid and therefore it will cost more for the body to recover. Even so, the most normal thing is that it returns to its original shape after childbirth, when the uterus has already settled and has resumed its size. In this way, you will also be recovering your weight.

How to prevent it

Yes, it is true that, after pregnancy and childbirth, you can have a umbilical hernia. Its symptoms include tenderness or pain in the abdomen, the presence of a lump or a soft mass, vomiting, as well as dermatitis.

To prevent it from being dislodged, we can always opt for a series of recommendations.

To prevent it from being dislodged, we can always opt for a series of

If we want to prevent the navel from moving, we must know that there is no concrete formula. To do this, it is best to reduce the tension on the abdomen, avoiding taking on a lot of weight, maintaining a proper posture and performing exercises of light or moderate intensity. Also, you should know that the shape of the navel can be changed by performing a medical intervention. In the same way, it will be necessary to maintain a hygiene suitable with neutral soaps and use body cream to keep us hydrated.


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