‘When the crowd roars’: Do ants devour people?

Sharks, lions, wolves… even elephants. The seventh art has turned the animal kingdom into the biggest threat for its stars, a reality equal to or even more terrifying than the catastrophes who star in dozens of movies. But we are not only talking about large mammals or sharks, but also about small insects. The power is not only in the size, and if not tell everyone who has seen When the crowd roars. According to the tape, magnificent classic starring Charlton Heston and Eleanor Parker, the ants they are capable of destroying everything, including human beings. But is this true? Are ants capable of devour a person?

So are the warrior ants

Although some species of ants can bite humans and, because of the poison, cause a lot of pain, the fact that these insects can eat people alive is a matter of fiction. Luckily for everyone, we can only see this in the cinema, in movies like When the crowd roars either Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. The marabunta is not only a term to describe a group of ants, but it is also the name by which the ants are known. army ants.

The army ant finds its victim by movement GETTY IMAGES/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

This type of ant forms very long and fearsome columns, a real army mercilessly attacking its prey. Its victims are other insects, from slugs to scorpions. They attack in a group and the victim can hardly defend himself, immobilized and shattered by army ants. The only way for insects to protect themselves from the threat of these ants is to stay still: army ants are virtually blind and can only locate their prey by their movement.

Army ants of the species eciton burchelli in Costa Rica GETTY IMAGES/Oxford Scientific

The images of their attacks are extreme and cruel but, luckily for humans, the mob does not mess with us. the army ants they can’t eat peopleno matter how hard you try When the crowd roars. The torment of suffering his threat we leave to charlton heston and Eleanor Parkerthe protagonists of this wonderful film that, despite the fact that it is more fiction than reality, is a true Hollywood classic.


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