Where is your daughter Leyla?

The last setback that has taken Zuleyha has been without a doubt one of the worst for her: ¡your daughter has disappeared! Nobody knows where Leyla is or who could have taken her.

Young Yaman is out of her mind. At first she thought that the culprit was Ümit, and even went to her house determined to confront her and commit a crazy thing of her. Luckily, the workers managed to avoid it.

Demir, upon arriving at the mansion, he has opened his wife’s eyes. For once, the doctor has not been to blame for the problems of young Yaman and his wife. On this occasion, the one who has taken Leyla has been the people of Gümüşoğlu.

Zuleyha now he knows that there is someone willing to harm them. Demir He has told her so, and the young woman cannot bear the agony of not being able to protect her daughter.

In the mansion, the young woman is not alone. Sermin, Füsun, Saniye, Fadik are with her in this difficult moment. They have all tried to comfort Züleyha. “Calm down, I know you’re suffering a lot, but they’re going to find her,” Lütfiye told him. Everyone is sure that they will finally find her, and so they have tried to pass it on to the young woman.

Meanwhile, Fikret and Demir search for the person who has kidnapped the little girl. Leyla. They have arrived at the cafeteria that they suppose has some link in common with the culprit… Will they be able to find him and end this nightmare?

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