Who is “crabfeeder”, the villain known as the Benefactor of the Crabs from ‘House of the Dragon’

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As we have seen in both first episodes of the house of the dragonwhile in King’s Landing they dedicate their meetings to marriage pacts and to matters relating to Viserys’s succession to the throne, a dispute is raging on Steps of Stone. battle for control of the Narrow Sea sea lanes that the court prefers to ignore in order to avoid any war conflict at all costs.

The only member of the council who insists on a bang on the table is Lord Corlys Velaryon, mainly because the criminal and brutal activities of the man they refer to as crab feeder they are depleting their fleets and their wealth. But in the face of the passivity of the court and after Viserys rejected the offer to marry his 12-year-old daughter -an act he took as a personal offense-, The Sea Serpent decided to join forces with Daemon Targaryen whom he convinced with a good sales pitch: highlighting everything they had in common as “second sons of the kingdom”.

In next week’s episode (in which there will be a time jump again and much longer than the last one), we will see the evolution of those confrontations and their resolution in a battle, and before that moment arrives, we are going to do a review of what does it tell us fire and blood about this mysterious and feared villain of which the series has been giving us some brushstrokes.

Who is the Benefactor of the crabs

Stone steps, lawless city

Stone Steps is a chain of islands that are located between Dorne and the Discorded Lands of Essos. Due to its location, it became a refuge for pirates who controlled the routes of the Narrow Sea. Ten years before the events narrated in the series, the Free Cities (Lys, Myr and Tyrosh) allied themselves in a war against Volantis, whom they defeated in what is known as the Battle of the Borderlands.

From that moment, they founded a new power known in Westeros as the Triarchy, which you may have also heard mentioned in some council of the house of the dragon. Under the command of Craghas Drahar, the Triarchy also began to demand payment for the passage of ships through its waters. At first, Westeros did not object because that toll seemed like a low price to get rid of piracy, but greed led them to raise their fares higher and higher and charge those who refused to pay with their lives.

It was the tactic used by Craghas Drahar to punish his fraudsters and those who would not agree to pay ransom for kidnapped crew members that earned him the nickname “crabfeeder”: impaling captives so they would drown in rising tide. while they fed the crabs.

Turning a deaf ear to the decision of the court, and in search of honor for the feat of war, Lord Corlys Velaryon and Daemon Targaryen will join forces to put an end to the rule of the Triarchy and recover Stone Steps. Lord Corlys puts up the fleets and Daemon the army and the dragon from him.

The conflict lasts more than two years, according to the book by George RR Martin and, obviously, I will not tell you the outcome, because we will see it in the next episode in one of the most impressive sequences of the seasonone that strikes gold from a bland six-line paragraph in the book fire and blood.

‘The House of the Dragon’ is available on HBO Max.

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