Why is it important to play sports during pregnancy?

The sport It is important throughout life, so it is important to do it from a young age until the body can withstand it. Even if you are a woman, you should also practice it during the pregnancyUnless your doctor tells you otherwise. Why do you have to adapt exercises? Because during pregnancy The female body undergoes a series of adaptations at a cardiovascular, hormonal, musculoskeletal, respiratory level… in order to create an optimal environment for the development of the fetus. These changes will largely condition the type and intensity of exercise that can be done during pregnancy. In addition, not in all trimesters you can train the same or with the same intensity.

The women who already practiced some sport they can continue doing it as long as do not intensify the effort, that this sport is not one of those contraindicated and that no pathology is suffered. However, for those women with a sedentary habit It is not the best time to start practicing sports, being the most advisable in these cases to get used to walking half an hour a day. If once given birth you want to start the sport you can perfectly as long as the times stipulated by the doctor are respected.

In fact, one of the benefits is that the practice of exercise will increase the physical and psychological well-being of the mother, and will help you find yourself more active, with a more flexible and fit body. It will also improve circulation and increase resistance, making it easier not to gain more weight than recommended and will favor the prevention of constipation.

As a summary: Playing sports during pregnancy can help you improve your health, reduce the risk of gaining excessive weight and mitigate your back pain, in addition to facilitating childbirth. And if that wasn’t enough, playing sports while you’re pregnant can give your newborn a healthier start.

For all this, from digital freedom we want to explain how to combine pregnancy and sport in a healthy way to enjoy all its Benefits and which sports are not recommended during pregnancy. We also resolve some doubts as to what is and what is not.

What sport to choose?

During pregnancy you can practice those sports that do not involve intense effort or sudden movements, such as golf, walking or swimming. Golf and walking facilitate blood circulation and digestion, thus helping to prevent constipation. The swimming It is a sport in which many muscle groups are exercised, it favors circulation and has an important relaxing effect. Jumping and scuba diving, which are contraindicated, should be avoided, and check that the water temperature is excessively hot.

The dance and dance They can be practiced as long as they are not too fast and abrupt rhythms and smooth movements are made. Also some sports like cycling, rowing or rhythmic gymnastics They can be safely practiced in moderation during the first half of pregnancy.

walk at a brisk pace, is an excellent alternative for those women who want to keep fit without too much effort or who have not practiced sports before. Also, if you are pregnant and want to move to avoid gaining extra kilos but you did not do it before, it is a great way to introduce physical activity into your day to day life.

What recommendations should be followed when exercising?

  • The most important thing is that physical activity is enjoyable and safe
  • Do not forget to do warm-up exercises
  • Wear comfortable clothing and suitable bras
  • Avoid humid environments and excess heat
  • Regular activity 3 or 4 times a week is preferable to intense and discontinuous physical exercise
  • You must not get tired, nor exceed 130-140 beats per minute
  • Do not force yourself, it must be taken into account that during pregnancy resistance and coordination decrease and joint laxity increases, so there is a greater risk of injury
  • Avoid those exercises that should be performed stretched out on your back, since this position hinders venous return and can cause dizziness
  • Hydrate properly during and after exercise

Benefits of playing sports during pregnancy

During pregnancy, exercise will have the objective of:

  • Increase heart rate steadily and improve circulation
  • Keep the body strong and flexible
  • Support and control weight gain in a healthy way
  • Prepare the muscles for childbirth

Exercise during pregnancy can help to:

  • Shorten the birthing process
  • Increase the chances of giving birth without the need for medication
  • Decrease the pain you will experience during childbirth
  • Accelerate the recovery of your body after childbirth
  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension
  • Decrease the chance of preterm labor and delivery


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