Yes to Marcos Alonso…, and yes to Balde

As AS learnedthe option that Mark Alonso (12-28-1990) sign for the barca It is still very much alive a couple of days after the market closes. Joan Laporta, president of the Barça club, has given the player the word that he will do everything possible in the next 48 hours to finalize his signing. It is a sporting issue and also a moral issue after months of conversations in which the winger has put everything on his side to sign for the Barça club for sporting and personal reasons. The big news is that the possible signing of Mark Alonso will not imply the exit of Alexander Balde. Barça has already transmitted a few days ago to the interested clubs that the youth squad, who has not yet turned 19, is staying at Barça.

The institutional decision to press until the end for Mark Alonso and to stay with Alexander Balde It directly affects Jordi Alba, a substitute in the last two games for Barça and who could be left in a complicated scenario if the signing of Marcos ends up being closed. To this day, and As AS learned, Xavi I wouldn’t object to the march of Jordi Alba, in which the club already worked last season without success. The current Barça coach came to the position convinced that he would recover the international centre-back, but he has been changing his pace over the months to the point of reaching the conclusion that Sunrise it is expendable. The two substitutions of the side of L’Hospitalet have not been accidental. However, Barça knows that getting rid of Alba at this point is almost impossible.

The only ace in the sleeve with which Barça plays is the world. Yes framesas Laporta has promised to the people close to the player, ends up signing for the Barça team, Alba could become a permanent substitute and that, with Luis Enrique in command in the National Team, would be almost a condemnation for the player, who knows that he is facing your last chance to play the quintessential national team competition.

What Azpilicuetasigning finally frustratedMark Alonso has agreed for months the exit conditions with the Chelsea. The Madrid winger, son of framesformer culé player who is in the fans’ inventory for his historic winning goal in a final of Cup against Madrid, he awaits a final wink from Laporta so that the operation is closed and he can play for Barça this season.

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