“You better leave me in the shit. It’s over!”

Anabel Pantoja keep enjoying your vacation After spending three months competing in Survivors 2022. Something that his colleagues have echoed Save mewho in recent weeks have covered the delicate health situation suffered by Anabel’s father, Bernardo Pantoja.

Something that the protagonist did not like, that this Thursday afternoon He wanted to enter the Telecinco program live by phone to criticize the attitude of his colleagues in the face of the episodes that his family is experiencing. And it is that some of the collaborators assured that Anabel has not been aware of her father since she left the reality show, since she has only come to see him once.

“I want to tell you that I am not going to justify myself or tell you anything. I am not going to say if I am going to be with him or not, if I am going to go to Seville or not, I am going to do it in my privacy,” began the niece of Isabel Pantoja. “I recently left the reality show, I want it to be clear to you that he is not alone. He sells a lot to say that he is alone while his daughter is on a yacht. Shit! I’m fed up“.

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But far from calming down in the face of attempts to Terelu CamposAnabel insisted that Save me it doesn’t “have to tell” you where “I have to be at all times.” “I will know what I have to do, I’m tired of the ‘values’ that you have to give me every afternoon“, he continued.

“What you want is to record me while I go to see my father, that’s why you want me to go,” Anabel insisted, visibly angry. The attitude of the ex-partner of Omar Sánchez did not like Carmen Alcayde who claimed that since leaving Honduras she is “very haughty.”

the cousin of Kiko Rivera She responded very upset to Alcayde, affirming that she stands “with all the reporters” and that “it is very easy to sit there as a collaborator and criticize me.” Anabel continued with her speech: “Since when have you been interested in my father? But what is this? You have not cared about my father in your bloody life, what happens is that now you want to take him out to make me shit“.

At that time, the ‘influencer’ hinted at her departure from Save me with a clear “it’s over”. “I had you on a pedestal, but after the shows you’ve done playing my parents… What the hell do you care? What the fuck do you care? I do what I have to do and period“.

After this moment, the program gave way to advertising, at which time Anabel calmed down and after returning, apologized to her colleagues. “I wanted to apologize for how I have putI have had a difficult week and I have exploded today,” he said through tears.


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