Your new travel companion will be a robot

The Artificial intelligence will assume 50% of the automated tasks carried out in the tourism industry in 2024, according to the company eternity, a Spanish telecommunications startup. One of the practical applications is that virtual assistants They will accompany the tourist in all phases of their trip.

These automated tasks will include, among others, “the customer service within a context marked by digital and immediacy especially after the changes in demand experienced as a result of the pandemic”, explains Eternity, which gives the example of chatbots or operational video calls 24 hours a day.

“Likewise, thanks to artificial intelligence, we are able to ensure that these tools have the necessary resources to adapt to customer requests and even anticipate them“, they add from this startup.

For the experts at Eternity, “Artificial Intelligence is a key factor for the correct digitization of the tourism sector, thus strengthening the customer service and user experience. This phenomenon promises to continue to rise over the next few years, reaching 50% of automatic tasks by 2024, according to data provided by the marketing consultancy WAM”.

Virtual assistants will accompany us in all phases of the trip. Photo: Adobe Stock

AI-based virtual assistant, with big data and human support

The company has developed a “Virtual Tourist Assistant”which he describes as “a tourist service system that works through a conversational chatbot based on artificial intelligence with neural networks. This system is designed to be able to cover the tourist process from start to finishsince he chooses the destination, until he returns from it”.

This virtual assistant “has a Big Data where you can analyze the interactions that tourists have with the system itselfcan be integrated with the existing virtual tourism office system and can be configured so that, from the same interface and without the need to have other applications installed, the visitor can be served by a physical tourist agent by videoconference, telephone or Live Chat”, explains the company.

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