Zaporizhia authorities hand out iodine tablets to residents near the plant

potassium iodide used to counteract the effects of nuclear radiation exposure. Radioactive iodine released during a nuclear emergency can damage the thyroid gland. So this chemical is used to prevent the thyroid gland, which is responsible for absorbing iodine in the body, absorb the radioactive the regional governor, Oleksandr Starukh, speaking to Ukrainian television, he has confirmed that the inhabitants are being taught how the pills are administered in the event of a radiation leak, as it is dangerous to take them uncontrolled.

IAEA special mission

Russian artillery fire on Sunday night has heightened fears of a nuclear disaster. The Krmelin army occupied the plant, with its six reactors, at the beginning of March and since then local plant employees operate the facility under Moscow military supervision. This plant is being a critical point in this conflict, turned into a war of attrition which is fought mainly in the east and south of Ukraine, six months after Russia launched its invasion. The EU has been working for months to increase reserves of iodine tablets in the face of a possible nuclear incident on Ukrainian territory.

Zaporizhia is 55 kilometers northeast of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at Enerhodar, which has been occupied by Russia since March.

A team of inspectors from the IAEA, the UN nuclear control body, is heading to the plant, according to the head of the agency, Argentine Rafael Grossi, with a special mission: to assess the physical damage suffered by the plant’s facilities and determine if the primary and backup safety and security systems are working.

The formation of this mission occurs after both the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Ukrainian state energy operatorEnergoatom, have confirmed the total normality in the radiation levels of the plant, while Russia and Ukraine exchange bombing accusations in its vicinity, fueling fears of a radiological disaster.


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