Zara sets new standards in its changing rooms

this 2022, Inditex has undergone important changes, such as the arrival of Marta Ortega to the non-executive presidency of the group or opening your biggest and futuristic store in Madrid: Zara in Plaza España.

In recent years, the empire of Amancio Ortega has also enhanced its stores flagship from Zara, its flagship, which, for those of you who don’t know what that term means, are those with more square meters and fewer exposed clothes, but more well placed. In these stores, the priority is a large warehouse that allows the rapid management of web orders, as well as requests from customers in the store.

And it is precisely in these large Zara where the multinational has imposed a new way to work in testerswhich many of your customers will not like.

Changes in changing rooms

In Zara’s flagship stores, such as the one in Plaza España in Madrid or Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​now users they must return the garments that are tried on hanging on their hangersjust as they had found them in the store before trying them on.

The workers of these establishments now have the right to ask a customer to return to the changing room to pick up all the hangers they have left or to turn the shirt they were leaving inside out.

This change will stop us seeing mountains of wrinkled and messy clothes at the exit of the fitting room area, which will make work easier for Zara employees and will also benefit us customers who want a faster and more comfortable shopping experience.

By delivering garments on their hangers, workers will spend less time putting them back on racks in the store, or in the warehouse, and this will allow other shoppers to access them more quickly.

In this way, it will also work more efficiently “store mode” offered by the Zara App -and other Inditex brands-, which locates the garment within the store and confirms its availability in the size you want.

You know, the next time you go shopping, don’t forget the hangers in the dressing room.

Pay in installments

These days the new shopping modality that Zara has launched in Argentina. Now, in the South American country it is allowed pay for purchases in installments, allowing split payment up to three months.

In Spain, this option is available to customers who use the card affinitybut there are those who are already willing that any purchase can be financed without interest, whether or not you have the Inditex group card.

This would make the most expensive garments of the brand, such as those of the collections of limited edition, SRPLS and Campaign.

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